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I'm UI master and UX perfectionist

Hello! I'm Mustafa Shaheen, a skilled designer and developer with over 8 years of experience. My passion lies in creating exceptional mobile applications, along with web and blockchain development. I'm not just a hard worker; I'm also an active communicator, ensuring your ideas are brought to life with precision and creativity. My expertise spans graphic design, mobile app development for Android and iOS, web development, and blockchain technology. I've honed my skills through freelance work, delivering seamless user experiences. Let's collaborate and turn your visions into visually stunning and functional digital solutions. Together, we can make your projects remarkable!



I can bring ideas to life. You're driven by a vision and you need reliable person to fulfill it. I believe in the phrase "Think Big Start Small". I will brainstorm your idea with you and help you make it the next big thing.


I can design mobile applications effectively with latest design trends.


Crafting exceptional digital experiences is my passion. With expertise in mobile, blockchain, and web development, I create seamless software tailored to your needs.


Believe it or not I can do magic. You have an app or a game that has bad or outdated UI or UX. I will cast some spells and the app will start looking exquisite.

My skills

I bring 8+ years of expertise in full stack development for Android and iOS applications. With a proven track record in creating successful apps, I stay updated with the latest technologies. I'm not just a hard worker but also a valuable team player, having collaborated with diverse teams both remotely and on-site. Several of my apps have achieved over a million downloads, showcasing my commitment and skills in the field.

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Good guy. He made sure I was happy with the outcome and made changes very quickly.

Adam Jennings / 1Button

Amazing programmer, highly recommended.

Enoch Cruz / HubbleGo

YOU DID AN EXCELLENT, TOP-QUALITY JOB ON MY PROJECT!!! And I mean that; I have worked with many contractors in the past, and you surpassed my expectations.

Peter Karrys / Wonolo


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1918 Ave R Brooklyn, NY 11229
+1 845 319 7137